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  • Instant Foliage
  • Privacy Screening
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  • Maintenance Free
  • Stunning Display
  • Drought Resistant
  • Quick & Easy Installations
  • Sound proofing / Reduce noise levels
Silk Green Walls
Silk Green Walls
Succulent Green Walls
Succulent Green Walls
Green Wall Displays
Green Wall Displays

Silk Options

Most noteworthy, you have many choices when it comes to designing your vertical garden: neat designer boxes with silk planting, floating shelves with repetitive planting, full mixed planting and more. As a result silk plants are hugely beneficial for artificial vertical walls because they don’t require an expensive watering system, consequently there is no risk of damp seeping into the walls, no risk of overgrowth because they don’t require trimming and you won’t incur any disruptions from service teams.

Especially relevant, the silk plants used in green walls look incredibly realistic, so much so that people will probably have difficulty telling them apart from real plants. Silk plants made using high quality silk often feel like real plants, too. Furthermore there’s no denying that plants add a beautiful aesthetic element to any space and artificial green walls look stunning in client meeting rooms, reception areas, certain rooms of your home and more.

Silk Green Walls

Silk Green Walls are all the rage in the interior design and landscaping industries. As a result, they allow people to be creative and display gorgeous, silk plants vertically without taking up too much space.

Whether hanging plants in pots, building them into fixtures mounted on the wall, or covering columns in ivy, there is no denying that green walls add brilliant aesthetics to any space. Furthermore, they’re particularly popular in reception areas and waiting areas in corporate buildings and they also look beautiful in the home.

In conclusion, if you’re short on space but still feel your space needs that extra something, green walls are an excellent choice. The plants function as a work of art and we can create a customized green wall perfectly suited to your space. Most of all it’s cost-effective, hassle-free and totally stunning.

Succulent Green Walls

Green Wall Displays

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