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  • Silk or Live

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Silk Options
Silk Options
Live Green Walls
Live Green Walls

Outdoor Artificial Foliage Option

“Instagreen” Instant foliage by Distinctive Silks:

INSTA-GREEN is an instant greening solution for both homeowners and businesses.

As a result, our artificial green wall panels are quick and easy, affordable and decorative. You can screen your neighbors away for privacy, hide an unsightly wall, most of all enhance or beautify a bland area.

Distinctive Silks has developed a range of instant hedges and topiary shapes.

Furthermore, the product is UV stabilised which makes this the first product that is perfectly suitable for any indoor or outdoor application.

There are many advantages of using INSTA-GREEN plants for your green wall, consequently no need to install expensive watering systems, no associated damp-proofing required, no disruption from service teams, less of a security risk and no waiting for it to grow. Especially relevant, the product is ideal as it is drought resistant and maintenance free.

An instant, cost-effective solution CREATE BEAUTIFUL SPACES…..




Silk Options

You have many choices when it comes to designing your vertical garden: neat designer boxes with silk planting, floating shelves with repetitive planting, full mixed planting and more. Silk plants are hugely beneficial for vertical landscapes because they don’t require an expensive watering system, there is no risk of damp seeping into the walls, no risk of overgrowth since they don’t require trimming and you won’t incur any disruptions from service teams.

Most noteworthy, the silk plants used in green walls look incredibly realistic, so much so that people will probably have difficulty telling them apart from real plants. Silk plants made using high quality silk often feel like real plants, too. As a result there’s no denying that plants add a beautiful aesthetic element to any space and green walls look stunning in client meeting rooms, reception areas, certain rooms of your home and more.




Living Green Walls

Distinctive Silks can also offer a live plant option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Generally, this living wall is a more expensive option due to the fact that it requires a modular plant structure, an automated irrigation system, electricity point and grow lights.

Consequently, we offer various finance options from outright purchase, rental (min 24 months) and a full maintenance with plant replacement.




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